PHB Certified Registered Nurse Anestetist

We at Penn Highlands Brookville (PHB), in affiliation with Penn Highlands Healthcare, are very proud of our record in both cost effectiveness and innovation. As our 34 plus bed hospital evolves to meet today's ever- changing health care needs, the main focus remains on the patient and Penn Highlands Brookville's role in the community. The hospital has experienced enormous changes since its founding in 1919. Today, technological changes in health care are occurring at an even faster rate. While the hospital has kept pace with these rapid changes, its strength lies in the personalized healthcare given by the Penn Highlands Brookville family, which includes the physicians, employees, and board of directors. To fulfill this mission and vision, we focus on bringing together talented healthcare professionals who believe that the best way to treat patients is to offer individualized medical care in an environment that is friendly, personalized, and close to home. In order to serve our patients in this manner, we are actively recruiting individuals who want to work in this type of environment.
CRNA Administers local, inhalation, intravenous, and other anesthetics to induce total or partial loss of sensation or consciousness in- patients during surgery, deliveries, or other medical and dental procedures.
Job Duties
Complies with Penn Highlands Brookville polices and procedures, with accreditation agency requirements, federal, state, or local law and regulations.
Administer Anesthesia to patients of all age groups under the medical direction of an anesthesiologist.
Inserting intravenous catheters and performing arterial puncture for blood gas
Identifies and manages emergency situations including adequacy of recovery, antagonism of muscle relaxants, narcotics or other agents, and implementing appropriate management techniques. Participation of CPR in absence of a physician according to established protocol.
Rotates call as assigned and when on call remains in the hospital from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm or until the last surgical patient has been extubated or transferred to ICU. Accepts call duty to cover emergency situations. Remains within 30 minutes driving distance of the hospital when on call.
Assists in positioning the patient on the operating room table, prepares prescribed solutions, and administers local, intravenous, spinal, caudal or other anesthetics in which the practitioner is competent to administer
Keeps abreast of current techniques including age-specific issues appropriate to the conduct of anesthesia and implement the techniques with established protocol.
Provides professional observation and resuscitative care and requests consultation whenever appropriate during postoperative period
Selection of anesthetic agents and techniques with an appropriate concurrence from the Anesthesiologist.
Induction and maintenance of anesthesia and analgesia during the intra-operative course, including endotracheal intubation and extubation
Performance of supportive life functions, including endotracheal intubation and management of blood or fluid, and electrolyte loss and replacement and maintenance of cardiovascular and respiratory functions
Recognition of abnormal patient response and corrective action and consultation with surgeon and/or Anesthesiologist
Fits mask to patient's face, turns dials and sets gauges of equipment to regulate flow of oxygen and gases to administer anesthetic by inhalation method
Notes patient's skin color and dilation of pupils and observes video screen and digital display of computerized equipment to monitor patient's vital signs during anesthesia
Utilize all current techniques in monitoring
Recommends and maintains adequate supplies and equipment necessary for the safe administration of anesthesia
Makes post-anesthetic visits to all inpatients within 24 hours to explain verbally the anesthesia part of the operation and write any notes on patient chart
Maintain accurate anesthetic records
Reviews patient's chart and pre-anesthetic evaluation in the surgical holding area prior to the administering of anesthesia
General duties as assigned
Current RN Licensure in the State of Pennsylvania required.
Satisfactory completion of a course of training in an accredited school of Nurse Anesthesia fully recognized by the American Association of Nursing Anesthetist required.
American Association of Nurse Anesthetists Board Certified, Re-Certified, or Eligible required.
Customer service attitude.

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